These are some of my favorite photographers that inspire me! Go check them out!

Tyler Rye

His style is so amazing! I love how his clients want to go hiking and to be in nature to capture beautiful images and moments. Tyler is one of the only men that I follow on social media and he is a great inspiration for me! Go check out his recent Zion Workshop its simply amazing!

Jasmine Star

From watching, reading, and admiring Jasmine I only get the feeling of love from her. I have been following Jasmine and I admire her willingness to help people grow as business owners. Jasmine has made me want to help others in my community to grow. Jasmine's videos at CreativeLive are very helpful and you should check them out.

Amy and Jordan

I always look forward to Amy and Jordan behind the scenes on Snapchat they are so funny! Amy and Jordan have so many free helpful tips for growing a business, I highly recommend them! Sign up for there Monday Minute!

Mary Claire

So when I was at the Mesa temple I saw a wedding party and a photographer and I wanted to know who the photographer was. I probably asked at the wrong time for a business card because she was busy doing family pictures but when I found out who she was, I became obsessed with her photography.

Nadia Meli

I first came across Nadia on YouTube. Nadia has helpful tips, to help you become a better photographer and grow your business. Nadia has taught me how important is to have a brand and style for your business. Creating a brand only helps you get the clients you want. And go check out her images they are amazing.

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