10 Restaurants to Eat at in Tucson After Quarantine is Over

10 Restaurants to Eat at in Tucson After Quarantine is Over

Well, I don't consider myself any kind of food expert, I just really like to eat! People always joke with me that I like food more than people; I love FOOD! Tucson is a very unique place to live. Tucson has a variety of unusual places (The Ostrich Farm, Valley of the Moon, Lisa Frank Factory, etc.) One thing that is NOT unusual but is a BIG BLESSING is that Tucson has so many great restaurants to eat at! The places that I recommend are in no particular order just some favorites of mine. The restaurants listed below are all tasty and have great memories for me!

The best 10 Restaurants that I recommend (In no particular order)

1.Red Garter Bar & Grill

Hands down the best burgers. My favorite burger to get is Andy's Junkyard Burger! Don't forget to get their Cajun Fries! They are too GOOD!

2.Karuna's Thai Plate

I have been coming to Karuna's Thai Plate for along time. Yes, it is the best Thai food restaurant in Tucson! I love ordering the Pad Thai (its really good) and Gang Panang curry (it's REALLY REALLY GOOD).


Great atmosphere and PIZZA! The workers are amazing and it's a fun place for the family.

4.Poco & Moms Cantina

I love some good Mexican Food! Their slogan is "It's Hard Not to be Addicted to this Place" and I have to agree with that!

5.Pita Jungle

All the locations have a cool space with local artwork. They make delicious shawarmas, fish, hummus and so much more. Pita Jungle specializes in Greek, Mediterranean, Lebanese, and Middle Eastern food!


You cant forget about ICE CREAM! Screamery is Arizona's first and only ice cream shop that pasteurizers onsite. Their ice cream is so creamy! Each month they feature a new flavor. My favorite flavors are "CowBoy Cookie" and "Rough at Sea".

7.Gus Balons

Gus Balons is an old school diner with fantastic food! Established in 1965 it is still a family business handed down by 3 generations! Don't pass on the Fried Chicken Steak and their homemade Apple Pie!

8.India Oven

I'm a big fan of Indian food, I love the flavors and curries! If you love authentic Indian food this is your restaurant!

9.Sullivan's Eatery and Creamery

Hamburgers and Ice cream what could be better?!?! Sullivan's Eatery and Creamery is a family-owned business. Its been a while since I have gone but they have a meal deal that comes with a small ice cream sundae! This old fashioned restaurant is a must! Make sure to look out for the train.


If you like breakfast food this is your place. TallBoys is a late-night diner and of course, the times that I have gone to eat there were at night. If you are downtown on 4th Ave this place is a must.

Have you tried out any of the restaurants listed above? What restaurants do you recommend? I'm curious to know what your favorite restaurants are.