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I am so happy and honored that you are interested in having me document this time in your lives. I believe that family is the most important thing in this crazy world and photos are a precious return ticket to the past. No matter how things look or feel right now, in 20 years, you will be able to look back on these photos with love and appreciation for this time in your life.

Below you will find answers to some of the most popular questions I get asked, from pricing, my methods, wardrobe & locations, I'll cover it all!  If I missed something, please send me an email. I can’t wait to work with you!


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  • 1 hour session

  • 50 High-resolution files delivered via an online gallery within 2 weeks

  • Up to 7 family members (each additional is $20)

  • Prints & products sold separately

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What is your photography style at family photo sessions?
For family sessions, I love to get a few photos that are great for holiday cards, where everyone is looking at the camera smiling. While that's not always possible, I know those ones are so important, so I do my absolute best! After we've gotten those key shots, we spend most of our time taking candids of everyone cuddling, playing, and loving on each other to show those true connections you have with your kids and let their real smiles shine through. I thrive on genuine connections and think family photos are best when they are mostly unposed! If your family is pretty chill, we will get chill photos, but if your family is wild, we will probably get more wild photos.

Do you bring toys to get our kids to smile during our session?
I don't bring toys, but I do bring a fun personality and lots of laughs to entertain your kiddos during your session! However, I heavily rely on the parents to get the real smiles out of your kids. During the "holiday card shots" mentioned above, I may act a little crazy to get everyone looking at the camera, but then it's mom & dad's turn to bring on the giggles and tickles to make your little ones truly shine. 

What should we wear? 
Coordinating outfits for an entire family is not an easy task! Outfits are totally up to you but I feel that family photos look best, when everyone coordinates (not matches). Gone, are the days where everyone wears white shirts with jeans 😂 I suggest choosing a color palette of 3-4 colors and having everyone wear something in that range. For example, if you give 3 base colors (like gray, black, and jeans), then add in a pop of color (like a mustard yellow or desert green), you will have a nice balanced look throughout your photos and it will be fairly easy for everyone to find something to wear! Want a light color palette? You could do tan, white, jeans and pops of blush or light blue. We suggest choosing your colors based on what looks best on your family and that coordinates well with the location that you choose for your photos. It's best if you avoid super bright colors (like bright reds, oranges, pinks, and lemon yellows that don't go with the surrounding desert) and stick with more neutral, earthy tones that compliment the landscape. Some of my favorite colors to photograph are whites, grays, tans, blush, greens, blues, navy, mustard yellows, and deeper reds, but it really depends on the location and your personal style.


How many outfit changes can we bring to our session?  For family photos, I suggest just one outfit.

What location should we do our photos at?  Once I get a signed contract and your invoice paid, I will share some of my favorite Tucson locations with you! If you have a session location in mind, please let me know! 

What months/days of the week are best for our family session?
Most months of the year are gorgeous in Arizona and perfect for photo sessions! However, the summer months can get a little brutal and December-February can get pretty chilly. Spring and fall months are usually perfect! Have your heart set on a summer family session? I suggest a sunrise session before it gets too hot out or heading out of town for a little bit cooler weather. Because I shoot a lot of weddings, it's not always possible to schedule family sessions on the weekends. Though we may have occasional weekend dates available, most sessions take place during the sunset hours of Monday-Friday.

How many images will we receive? 
For full family sessions, you will receive a minimum of 50 images! For mini sessions, you will receive a minimum of 25 images.

Can we order prints on our own or do we have to order them through you?
You will be able to download your images and make full-size prints wherever you'd like. However, you can also order prints straight from your online gallery! When you order through my easy ordering system, you will get high-quality prints from my professional print lab shipped straight to you. Please note that I cannot guarantee the quality of printed images if they do not come from my lab. 

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How long will it take to receive our photos?
You will receive your high-resolution images delivered through an online gallery within 2 weeks of your session. 

Do you deliver every image you shoot?
No. Sometimes I take 2-3 photos of the same pose, to ensure I don’t have any photos with closed eyes, funny facial expressions, or unflattering gestures. I choose the images that we present to you very carefully, to ensure that you are getting the best and most beautiful photographs of yourself and your family!

Will you feature our images on your website?
I put so much heart and effort into my sessions, sharing my client's sessions online is so meaningful. It helps me to reach new clients and share what I am most passionate about. It's incredibly helpful to me if you allow us to share your images online. However, I understand that there are some circumstances where that is not possible. If you prefer not to have your face shown online, please let me know and I can amend the contract.


Can I bring my pet to my family session?
While I am happy to photograph you and your furry friends, these kinds of photo sessions can get a little bit crazy. If this is something you would really like to do, I suggest taking 15 minutes of photos with your pets and then spending the rest of the time on family portraits! I also suggest bringing someone along to take your pet after we are all done with that part of the session so they aren't a distraction for the remaining time.

Can you hold our date?
As soon as you sign a contract and pay the non-refundable retainer fee, the date is all yours! 

How much do we need to pay to book our session? 
There is a 50% retainer fee for all family photo sessions, due immediately upon booking. The balance of your invoice is due a week before your session! 

If we cancel our session, do we get our money back?
Unfortunately, no. The retainer fee and all monies paid are non-refundable. I may make exceptions in case of an emergency, however, this will be done on a case by case basis.

Can we have our photos in black and white and color?
Most of your photos will be in color, with the occasional black and white photo mixed in.


What kind of equipment do you use?
I use all professional Nikon cameras, lenses, and flashes.

Thanks for reading my frequently asked questions. I hope this was helpful!